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1. Who May Ascend
2. Purify My Heart
3. Alan’s Song
4. Heart Transplant
5. Lovin’ You Is All I Need
6. You’re Stuck With Me
7. Even When I’m Gone
8. Lord Bring Us Back
9. Faithful Is He
10. Altar less
11. They May Know My Number, But Jesus Knows My Name
12. It’s Not Just Talkin’ The Talk
13. Forever In His Hand













Lord Bring Us Back

FCA One Way 2 Play


1. Fellowship Of Christian Athletes
2. Go The Distance
3. One Way 2 Play
4. His Mighty Power
5. Soar Like Eagles
6. Champions In Christ
7. Strong To The Finish
8. Faithful Is He
9. Purify My Heart
10. Who Will Stand


















Above the Clouds

1. Walkin’ In The Power Of His Light
2. God’s Master Plan
3. It Takes Faith
4. Thanks For The Valleys
5. Forever In His Hand
6. I’m Gonna Walk In Victory
7. Livin’ My Life With One Less O
8. A Servant’s Prayer
9. No Choice But Rejoice
10. Where Is Our Peace/ Above The Clouds








From Amarillo by Morning To Amazing Grace

1.Amarillo By Morning
2.The Auctioneer
3.I’ve Been Everywhere
4.Thanks Again Dedication
5. Thanks Again
6. We’re Lost But We’re Makin’ Good Time
7. I Would Do It Again With You
8. On The Wings Of A Snow White Dove
9. Heart Transplant
10 My Story
12. God’s Song For You
13. From Amarillo By Morning To Amazing Grace
14. Amazing Grace Medley
















Get Off the Fence

1. Get Off The Fence
2. God’s Way
3. Wise Too Late and Old Too Soon
4. I’m Goin’ On With God
5. Set Your Feet On Higher Ground
6. There’s a Hand (Guiding Me)
7. Personal Challenge
8. With this Ring
9. I Choose Jesus
10.The Shape I’m In
11. How Can I Be Sure
12. Eighteen Inches From Heaven
13. Personal Commitment
14. It Is Well With My Soul
15. Forever Grateful
16. Jesus In Me
17. How Great Thou Art
18. If You Can Hear Me Now